MBB series

Industrial Grade Melt Blown Filter Cartridges are made from 100% FDA complied polypropylene material, constructed with multi-layers depth filter cartridges and manufactured through thermal bonding technology. This Melt Blown Cartridge owns a graded density construction, which can catch up the particles throughout the whole cross section in the cartridge to increase the filter efficiency. Melt Blown also be able to reduce the surface blinding, which often happen in String Wound Cartridges. MBB Cartridges give the excellent filtration value by combine the quality and cost effectiveness.


  • 100% FDA compliant
  • Pure polypropylene construction
  • Wide filtration application
  • Low pressure drop, ΔP
  • High dirty holding capability
  • Different end cap are available for selection

Operation Conditions

  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 70°C
  • Recommended Change Out Pressure Drop: 1.6 bar

Applications of Products

Remove sediment from water in residential and light commercial applications.

Ordering Code

  • Model: HF-MBB-Rating-Length-END CAP
  • Eg: HF-MBB-1R-1L-DOE
mbb series

Product Specifications

  • Rating (Micron): 1, 5, 10
  • Materials of construction: 100% PP
  • Length:
    • 1L 2L 3L 4L
      (10") (20") (30") (40")
  • END CAP configuration:
    • DOE: Double Open End
    • S2F: 222 O-ring/ Fin end
    • S2C: 222 O-ring/ Close end
  • Inside Diameter: 28mm
  • Outside Diameter: 63mm
doe 222 O-Ring Close-End Fin End
DOE 222 O-Ring Close-End Fin End