PMF series

Pleated filter cartridges are constructed with polypropylene micro fibers combined with an exceptional dirt holding capacity with precise micron ratings than depth filters and manufactured through thermal bonding technology. The double sheets of micro fibers media are layered to provide good particle retention as well as long service life. They are also ideal to be pre-filter of membrane filtrations. Pleated filters were designed to eliminate the problems of begin to release its accumulated particles back into the filtration when the filter remains in use after it has reached capacity. The pleated or graded density surfaces give these filters higher surface area which translates into more retention capacity at lower differential pressures. These filters offer very high retention efficiencies (often greater than 95%) and have excellent dirt loading and dirt holding capacities.


  • Double layers structure, high particle removal efficiency up to 99%
  • Pleated media increase the filtration area (more than 0.5m²/10")
  • 100%PP construction provides good chemical compatibility with low extractable
  • Larger pleated filtration surface area will prolong its lifespan and increase the dirt holding capacity
  • High flow, Low pressure drop, ΔP
  • Different end Cap are available for selection

Operation Conditions

  • Maximum Operating Temperature:
    • 80°C @ 1 bar
    • 60°C @ 4 bar
  • Maximum Differential Pressure:
    • 4 bar (positive direction)
    • 2 bar (reverse direction)
  • Sterilization Temperature Time:
    • 5 times, 20 minutes cycles @ 120°C

Applications of Products

In factory like pharmaceutical, cosmetics, plating, electronics, food and beverage.

Ordering Code

  • Model: HF-PMF-Rating-Length-END CAP
  • Eg: HF-PMF-1R-1L-DOE
pmf series

Product Specifications

  • Rating (Micron): 1, 5, 10
  • Materials of Construction: 100% PP
  • Length:
    • 1L 2L 3L 4L
      (10") (20") (30") (40")
  • Media and core material: PP with PP core END CAP Configuration:
    • DOE: Double Open End
    • S2F: 222 O-ring/ Fin end
    • S2C: 222 O-ring/ Close end
doe 222 O-Ring Close-End Fin End
DOE 222 O-Ring Close-End Fin End